Emoji Party!

Come dressed as your favorite emoji! We will also be raffling off prizes, as well as serving you a wide variety of themed food and drink specials!

Hillcrest Craft Beer Crawl 2018

It’s the fourth annual Hillcrest Craft Beer Crawl! Get ready to sample local craft beer from some of the finest and newest locations in Hillcrest. Read all about what you’ll get on this fabulous crawl here: http://hillcrestcraftbeercrawl.com/

Tangelo Beer Infusion

Austin, Hillcrest Brewing Company’s head brewmaster, has taken our Beerhead Blonde and infused it with tangelo. He describes this beer as a “tangerine-orange-grapefruit flavor.”

Growler Painting Party

Show us your inner Picasso. It’s time for another extraordinary night of Growler Painting.

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